Jeroen Verbruggen, HL7Kit User's Story

Our hospital is one of the small hospitals in our country, but with limited IT resources we got a system up and running which is ahead of most of the hospitals, if not all.

Avraham Pertsovski, PACS System Engineer, Shaare Zedek Medical Center, Jerusalem, Israel

I use DICOMIZER maybe 20 times a day for all kind of things that I used to do with many little utilities and scripts. It saves me time.

Avraham PertsovskiPACS System EngineerShaare Zedek Medical Center, Jerusalem, Israel
David Rainis Orpheus Medical

The advantage of using HRZ’s RZDCX is the simplicity and understanding of the API. It enabled us to add DICOM to our product in just three weeks!

David RainisGeneral ManagerOrpheus Medical

H.R.Z. provided hands-on, personalized support for us in each step of the way at Super Dimension LTD – from design through implementation, even accompanying us in the IHE connect-a-thon. And they’re going to do the same for my new venture, as well.

RAN COHENVice President of Research & DevelopmentSYNC-RX LTD

H.R.Z. have been working with us since 2002. Supported us in all development process of our DICOM library. The support included design, implementation, accompanying us (twice) in the IHE connect-a-thon, analyzing customer problems regarding DICOM, and helping to improve our product. H.R.Z. train us a lot about DICOM and keep us updated. They have been always responsive.

NORAV medical

We’ve been using HRZ Software Services’ HL7Kit Pro in our product “NEMS-Q” ECG Management System. The system deployed in Cork University Hospital, IRELAND in year 2010. The HL7Kit Pro module installed as an integration tool between our database and the Hospital Information System.
HRZ team was helpful during the integration phase and provided prompt and pro-active support.

Andre te Hennepe Inter Visual Systems

Our main goal was to make our archiving solution fit for use in medical environments, by adding medical features (HL7 and DICOM integration). The result is a complete medical video and photo recording solution that exactly fits our customers’ needs.  

Thanks to the background processing in our system, the connection with other hospital IT systems does not affect the end-users workflow.  While processing, the system remains fully operable without any delays.

With HL7Kit Pro, including the DICOM service feature and RZDCX,  we created DICOM worklist services, and converted video to DICOM.
We have fully integrated the applications into iMAS, the Inter Medical Archive System, that is based on Metus MAM software, MS-SQL and MS-Visual Studio.

Inter Visual Systems Logo

André te HennepeProject ConsultantInter Visual Systems
Greg Edmund Center for Vein

Center for Vein is currently receiving images from 50 clinics in 9 states and adding 15 every year, so we needed a solution to improve our workflow and make it more efficient.

DSRSVC Robust DICOM Server’s flexibility allowed us to build a customized and paperless workflow, cutting the documentation process time from half an hour to 5 minutes.

All of our sites are connected through a VPN to our main data center without the need of a local storage server in each site.

We have extended the system several times in order to take advantage of the private elements of the GE system and to create a JPG image so when passing the data for review it is much lighter on the bandwidth.

For several years I have puzzled over how to make our ultrasound more efficient, but only with H.R.Z.’s DICOM Server it was finally possible.

Greg EdmundVP of MISCenter for VeinUSA
Ofek Shilon, Simbionix Ltd

H.R.Z. provided personal, hands-on support throughout the way, and educated our staff in their areas of (remarkable) expertise. It was a pleasure working with them – I hope to do so again in the future.

BK medical logo

The technical support from HRZ is good and any changes are implemented on priority. We are experiencing very few compatibility problems in the field and when we do the logging facility is very helpful.


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