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A DICOM SDK for Microsoft Windows Operating Systems.  RZDCX Dev Pack Windows 32 RZDCX Redistributable Package Windows X64 RZDCX Redistributable Package Licencing Our licensing model BUY NOW

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RZDCX is a DICOM® SDK for Microsoft Windows Operating Systems. Its goal is to simplify and shorten DICOM Application development. RZDCX provides a very high level API that hides the complexity of the DICOM services behind comprehensive service level commands like Send, Query, Move and Print. Each of these service commands encapsulates a lot of DICOM details [...]

Converting MPEG to DICOM with RZDCX

The newly released RZDCX DICOM SDK adds conversion of video streams to encapsulated DICOM Image format. There's a growing demand for MPEG to DICOM conversion in order to store video streams in PACS. New modalities like IVUS and new XA's produce MPEGS instead of multi-frame JPEG's. The toolkit supports encapsulating and extracting MPEG streams from/to DICOM [...]