Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise. An international organization that publishes detailed specifications of how standards like DICOM and HL7 should be used to integrate Healthcare IT Systems. Adhering to the IHE integration profiles may reduce ambiguities and narrow the options within the used standards and therefore increase compatibility.


A message exchange standard used for Healthcare IT integration. HL7 is used for transactions like patient registration, service orders and reports. HL7 Messages are typically encoded using pipe | separator between fields. HL7 version 2 is very popular. HL7 Version 3 is using XML instead of the HL7 V2 pipe notation.


Clinical Document Architecture. CDA, is part of HL7 Version 3 and is a document markup standard that specifies the structure and semantics of clinical documents for the purpose of exchange between healthcare providers and patients. CDA are XML documents.

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What’s new in HL7Kit 2016

HL7Kit is a versatile interface engine and interface design tool for HL7 messaging. Spring of 2016 was a great opportunity to release a new version of this cost-effective off-the-shelf product, a version we worked on for almost a year. We added new features, improved existing features and fixed some cosmetic bugs. So, What’s new?  MySQL Support MySQL [...]

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HL7KIT 2018

HL7Kit 2018 is an interface engine and interface design tool for HL7® messaging. It’s a cost-effective off-the-shelf medical software, so with quick configuration, it’s ready to be integrated in your product. With dynamic message structure definitions, HL7Kit 2018 deals with the many HL7® standard’s difficulties without breaking a sweat. Try the free HL7® Sender [...]


H.R.Z. Software Services provides comprehensive technical consultation in the fields of medical imaging and healthcare IT, medical software design and implementation. Faced with the increasingly powerful yet complex DICOM® standard, more and more medical software development companies and OEMs are realizing that do-it-yourself solutions are really no solutions at all. They often end up costing more, [...]