Service Object Pair (SOP) Class

A pair of an IOD and DIMSE Service that together defines a capability of a DICOM AE. At association phase, AE’s exchange SOP Class UID’s and agree on their capabilities.


DICOM Message Exchange. The DICOM network commands are called DIMSE Commands.


A DIMSE Command that sends a DICOM Object (e.g. Image) from one application (Storage SCU) to another (Storage SCP). The C-STORE command is used in the “Storage Service”.


A DIMSE Command that does the following: “Application A asks application B to send DICOM Instances stored in Application B to Application C”. Application C may or may not be application A itself. When Application B receives the C-MOVE Request it initiates communication with Application C and then performs C-STORE commands for every instance that matches [...]


An obsolete DIMSE Command for retrieving DICOM Instances using matching criteria. C-GET is similar to C-MOVE but instead of starting a new association, the instances are sent over the same connection as responses.


A DIMSE Command that is used for the verification service that verifies communication between two DICOM Applications. AKA “DICOM ping”.