Digital Imaging and Communication in Medicine. DICOM is a standard that specify image and document format, encoding, network protocol, and data model for use by medical imaging applications.


A DIMSE Command that sends a DICOM Object (e.g. Image) from one application (Storage SCU) to another (Storage SCP). The C-STORE command is used in the “Storage Service”.


A DIMSE Command that does the following: “Application A asks application B to send DICOM Instances stored in Application B to Application C”. Application C may or may not be application A itself. When Application B receives the C-MOVE Request it initiates communication with Application C and then performs C-STORE commands for every instance that matches [...]


An obsolete DIMSE Command for retrieving DICOM Instances using matching criteria. C-GET is similar to C-MOVE but instead of starting a new association, the instances are sent over the same connection as responses.


A DIMSE Command that is used for the verification service that verifies communication between two DICOM Applications. AKA “DICOM ping”.

Application Entity (AE) Title

A unique name of a node in the DICOM network Every DICOM AE has a table where the other AE’s are configured with their host name or IP address and the port they are listening on.

Abstract Syntax

Abstract Syntax A Synonym for SOP Class in the context of Association Negotiation.

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DICOM Server

Our DSRSVC is now part of HL7Kit 2018. For additional information please visit HL7Kit 2018 website. DSRSVC is a highly optimized, powerful, and scaleable DICOM® Server. The server’s binary core is shielded behind a simple yet sophisticated plugin API that isolates the lean and mean DICOM networking engine from the business logic encapsulated by the plugin. This design [...]

RZDCX Testimonial – Orpheus Medical

Orpheus Medical adds DICOM network protocol and image format to mediSearch product utilizing RZDCX DICOM SDK The company capitalizes on advancements made in digital broadcasting and video-on-demand (VOD) technologies, to provide collaborative system that brings OR procedures anywhere and anytime within the hospital. One key feature to expand upon was DICOM. With this added functionality, Orpheus [...]