RZDCX is a DICOM® SDK for Microsoft Windows Operating Systems.

Its goal is to simplify and shorten DICOM Application development.

RZDCX provides a very high level API that hides the complexity of the DICOM services behind comprehensive service level commands like Send, Query, Move and Print.
Each of these service commands encapsulates a lot of DICOM details such as association negotiation parameters, transfer syntaxes and SOP Classes, Value Representations, and many other fine little details that are very interesting for DICOM experts, but are not the main interest for the programmers that just want to add DICOM to their applications.

The following source code example shows how to send a DICOM file using RZDCX as .NET DICOM Library:

DICOM Send Example - H.R.Z. RZDCXDICOM Send Example - H.R.Z. RZDCX



The advantage of using RZDCX is the simplicity and understanding of the API. It enabled us to add DICOM to our product in just three weeks
David Rainis, Orpheus Medical



RZDCX Version

RZDCX Product Info and Features


The download packages in this page are working using RZDCX Evaluation mode. In evaluation mode, (i.e. without purchasing and installing a license) RZDCX will allow 100 API calls and then display a message and quit the application. The examples in the development package work in this way.

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