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MODALIZER™ is a DICOM® application with rich feature set, ready to implement.

MODALIZER turn the tables on DICOM Software Development. Offering all the capabilities of modern Imaging Modality, with built-in, validated, and documented DICOM Implementation, MODALIZER keeps you focused on your core technology development.

MODALIZER™ includes Imaging Modality, DICOM viewer and Converter, and many more features expected from Medical Imaging Device Software.

Built on top the successful RZDCX DICOM Toolkit, MODALIZER™ can be easily customized and extended.

Get the MODALIZER™ source-code to enjoy the full power of this great opportunity to shorten time to market and cut overall software development costs.

Product Info and Features

The MODALIZER™ DICOM Application features a unique interface to integrate with an external process for performing the image acquisition. It implements all the transactions of the Imaging Modality actor within IHE Scheduled Workflow (SWF) Integration Profile, and includes the Workflow, the Configuration, and the Setup functionality.

With MODALIZER™, the medical devices manufacturers receive a ready-to-integrate application of Imaging Modality Workstation, so they can focus on developing the image acquisition module. MODALIZER™ takes care of all the rest.

The intended audience of MODALIZER™ consists of medical devices manufacturers and medical software developers who seeks an OEM product to operate as an Imaging Modality.

IHE Actors and Transactions

DICOM Services implemented by MODALIZER™

Product Documentation


See how it looks: Check out the MODALIZER+ to get a feeling of how your application can look like.


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