Intuitive and easy to use DICOM Converter and PACS Import Tool

DICOMIZER Converts images, documents and video streams to the DICOM standard and imports them to the PACS.

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We are running two diagnostic imaging clinics, and at each site our xray, ultrasound, BMD and mammography technologists use DICOMIZER to scan documentation (worksheets, questionnaires etc) straight to PACS from their modality workstations.
Bernie Charlton, M.Sc., MBA Business Development, Lighthouse Medical Imaging

Use DICOMIZER to get more out of your existing PACS installation.

DICOMIZER connects directly to your PACS, your scheduler, your paper documents scanner, your digital camera/webcam and it can also burn CD/DVD’s compliant with the DICOM standard and with embedded DICOM viewer, all in one easy-to-use intuitive medical software.

Value by Design – the DICOM Value Pack!

DICOMIZER combines a set of features that are usually purchased separately. Creating DICOM CD’s for example, with a DICOM CD Viewer on them? No problem! Integrating with custom applications and scripts? Built in! Connecting to your paper scanner? Sure!

I use DICOMIZER maybe 20 times a day for all kind of things that I used to do with many little utilities and scripts. It saves me time.
Avraham Pertsovski, PACS System Engineer,, Shaare Zedek Medical Center, Jerusalem, Israel

Product Info and Features

More DICOMIZER Features

Search for DICOM objects in a PACS using search criteria (patient ID, name, sex etc.) and retrieve them for viewing, copying, adding a new series to a study, or launch custom apps.
Workflow Integration using DICOM Modality Worklist and Modality Performed Procedure Step to obtain Patient and Procedure parameters, report procedure progress, and eliminate typo’s and QA.
The built-in Listener allows DICOMIZER to receive DICOM files sent from other applications. Activate/deactivate the listener with one click, or keep it running even when DICOMIZER is minimized.
Just like in your web browser, DICOMIZER records a list of actions, arranged chronologically, with patient’s details. Click a row in the history view grid and re-open all files related to the selected study.
Configurable “Capture Key” to capture images using the keyboard or dedicated hardware such as pedal or external capture button.
Once the procedure was started via Modality Worklist Query, DICOMIZER creates a new MPPS that references the Study. MPPS has 3 statuses:  IN PROGRESS, COMPLETED, and DISCONTINUED – when the procedure was stopped in the middle.


Product Documentation

Supported Media Formats

Media Type Format/Standard SOP Class*
Video MPEG2


SC Image
Images Bitmap




SC Image
Documents PDF DICOM Encapsulated PDF
Plain Text DICOM SR

DICOM Encapsulated PDF

* The SOP Class Definition and generated DICOM file content is configurable using the DICOM templates from settings.


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