H.R.Z. solutions are perfect for developers, integrators, and IT professionals who require a complete robust application they can easily customize.

Throughout the years, products created by our developing team have helped dozens of customers around the world to create advanced products of their own. With DICOM and HL7 standards as our expertise for more than a decade, we provide validated and documented products, which are the heart of medical imaging systems in medical companies, institutes, and hospitals worldwide.

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H.R.Z MODALIZER Solution MODALIZER is a Medical Imaging Acquisition Modality Software. MODALIZER Provides Modern Imaging Workflow According to Standards. MODALIZER is for Medical Imaging IT Customers, Vendors & System [...]

MODALIZER Source Code Package

MODALIZER Source Code Package and DevPACK MODALIZER Source Code Package Shortens your development time. This code base is used in H.R.Z. MODALIZER+ and MODALIZER products. When purchasing the source code, [...]

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RZDCX is a DICOM® SDK for Microsoft Windows Operating Systems. Its goal is to simplify and shorten DICOM Application development. RZDCX provides a very high level API that hides the complexity of [...]

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Buy Now! Evaluation Download MODALIZER™ is a DICOM® application with rich feature set, ready to implement. MODALIZER turn the tables on DICOM Software Development. Offering all the [...]

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HL7KIT 2018

HL7Kit 2018 is an interface engine and interface design tool for HL7® messaging. It’s a cost-effective off-the-shelf medical software, so with quick configuration, it’s ready to be integrated in [...]

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DICOM Server

Our DSRSVC is now part of HL7Kit 2018. For additional information please visit HL7Kit 2018 website. DSRSVC is a highly optimized, powerful, and scaleable DICOM® Server. The server’s binary core is shielded [...]