Close the loop with MPPS

There’s no fun in a task list if you can’t mark completed tasks, right?

Modality Worklist is great for reducing typos, but it’s incomplete without Modality Performed Procedure Step. Creating a workflow software that fits various customers is challenging. That’s why implementing a RIS is far more complicated than implementing a PACS.

With the new Modality Performed Procedure Step feature, Worklist Manager takes you one step further on the road to deploying a robust medical imaging workflow.

Our latest Worklist Manager adds MPPS functionality in a simple, intuitive way.

What’s new in Worklist Manager?

We’ve added two more tables to the DICOM DB Plugin Database Model (MPPS and MPPS_SPS) that you can integrate with your data model. ‘MPPS Create’ and ‘MPPS Set’ requests are now registered in the database.

We’ve also modified the CFIND_MWL_VIEW database view, from which Modality Worklist Queries are served, so it now shows only Worklist Items that have not started yet.

The nice thing about open architecture, is that you can change this view for your needs according to your specific workflow. The default implementation uses the Requested Procedure ID to link between Scheduled Procedure Steps and Performed Procedure Steps.

Additionally, the MPPS Datasets are stored in a new MPPS folder under the root folder of the DICOM Server. This enables you to extract any additional attributes your application might needs, directly from the DICOM Datasets sent from the Modality, such for example, the list of created series and instances and information related to Radiation Doses.

We’ve also added the capability for displaying worklist items according to the Performed Procedure Step status: Ones that have not started yet, IN PROGRESS, COMPLETED and DISCONTINUED.


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