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What’s new in HL7Kit 2016

HL7Kit is a versatile interface engine and interface design tool for HL7 messaging. Spring of 2016 was a great opportunity to release a new version of this cost-effective off-the-shelf product, a version we worked on for almost a year. We added new features, improved existing features and fixed some cosmetic bugs. So, What’s new?  MySQL Support MySQL [...]



There's a new game changer in DICOM town – The MODALIZER. A major part in developing a new imaging technology and making it usable, is integrating it into PACS environment, validating, and documenting it to comply with the DICOM standard. Well, good news! We've already did all of that for you with MODALIZER. It [...]


DICOMIZER 5.0 released

We added features, fixed many bugs, and made it even better Download today!  Convert MPEG2/MPEG4 video to DICOM With the relatively new MPEG2 and MPEG4 transfer syntaxes, Video became a part of the DICOM standard. Endoscopy, Colonoscopy, Laparoscopy and Ophthalmology procedures, OR procedures documentation, all use video more and more. If you are worried about [...]

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RZDCX Released

A new release of RZDCX is now available for download. The new release addresses couple of issues and adds new functionality. Please read the release notes for details. One change that is visible when rendering images is the use of VOI LUT (Values of Interest Lookup Table). The VOI LUT functionality is similar to the WC/WW [...]

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Do more with DICOMIZER 4.0

Read more about the most up-to-date version of DICOMIZER here. After almost a year since the release of DICOMIZER 3.0, today we finally release DICOMIZER 4.0! Behind the completely new graphic design we've streamlined the acquisition process with new features for imaging and reporting. The new Formatted Report auto-completes patient and study parameters into a new RTF [...]

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DICOMIZER 4.1.0 Takes DICOM Integration and Reporting one step forward

DICOMIZER 4.1.0 is officially released today. This release includes two important improvements: multiple report templates and custom actions. The report templates, added in DICOMIZER 4.0, is a great way to automate the process of report composing by automatically filling in Patient and Case attributes such as Patient Name, Patient ID, Accession Number and other attributes from the Modality Worklist, [...]

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Converting MPEG to DICOM with RZDCX

The newly released RZDCX DICOM SDK adds conversion of video streams to encapsulated DICOM Image format. There's a growing demand for MPEG to DICOM conversion in order to store video streams in PACS. New modalities like IVUS and new XA's produce MPEGS instead of multi-frame JPEG's. The toolkit supports encapsulating and extracting MPEG streams from/to DICOM [...]