DICOM File Meta Information Header

A header that is added to a DICOM Instance when it is saved to file. The DICOM Meta information header is not part of the DICOM Instance itself. It adds information required for parsing the file correctly and identifying the application that saved the file. The DICOM file meta info was added [...]

Part 10 File

AKA DICOM File. Part 10 of the DICOM standard defines how to save DICOM Objects in files. Part 10 files include the DICOM File Meta Information Header. Before part 10, DICOM files did not have the meta information header.


DICOM File: A computer file on a digital storage device that is structured according to the specification of the DICOM Standard. A DICOM file stores the information of one DICOM Instance (or Object).

DICOM Header

Usually refers to the DICOM elements excluding the image pixel data as people conceive DICOM objects as an image with additional data attributes. Actually the image pixel data is a data element like any other. Sometimes may refer to the DICOM File Meta Information header.