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  • Convert Video to DICOM with HRZ DICOMIZER


Support for MPEG2 and MPEG4 video is quite new in DICOM. Video encoding was introduced to the DICOM standard using new transfer syntaxes. It is important to note that not all DICOM compliant application support these transfer syntaxes. Don't know how to check if your application supports transfer syntaxes? Contact us and we will be happy to consult. **Not [...]

  • Convert PDF to DICOM with HRZ DICOMIZER


PDF (Portable Document Format) is widely used for various purposes in the clinical workflow. The DICOM Standard defines a special SOP Class called “Encapsulated PDF Document” (SOP Class UID: 1.2.840.10008. It is important to note that not all systems supports the Encapsulated PDF Document SOP Class and we advise you to verify this issue in [...]


DICOMIZER 5.2 released

DICOMIZER is a powerful DICOM converter with an impressive set of features, designed to provide healthcare imaging personnel with a holistic solution for clinic work. Send and Receive DICOM files using the DICOM Network Protocol, generate reports, capture images and add annotations, convert Images, PDF Document and Videos to DICOM and send them to the PACS. Troubleshoot connectivity issues [...]

  • Free DICOM Viewer

Free DICOM Viewer

Usually PC's don't come with a built in DICOM Viewer. But, if you read this then you probably need one. DICOMIZER's Free DICOM Viewer is a simple and lightweight DICOM software. it’s user-friendly, and ready for unlimited use at all times. This DICOM software is capable of opening most files saved according to the DICOM standard, received from Imaging [...]

  • HRZ DIHOFA - Dicom Hot Folder Application

DIHOFA – DICOM Hot Folder Application

What is DIHOFA? DIHOFA Comes in handy when you receive DICOM files from different sources, like CD’s or using non-DICOM transport means, and want to import them to your PACS using the DICOM Storage Service. The idea behind this small utility is that the best way to import DICOM files into a PACS is [...]

DICOMIZER Pricing Plans

Ready for more features? MODALIZER+ has so much more to offer, and it can reduce the time wasted on searching and using various DICOM tools around the clinic. Check out the full versions, and get the most out of your PACS installation. BUY NOW   MODALIZER Is DICOM [...]

  • Take control. Modality Worklist MPPS

MPPS in Worklist Manager

Close the loop with MPPS There’s no fun in a task list if you can’t mark completed tasks, right? Modality Worklist is great for reducing typos, but it’s incomplete without Modality Performed Procedure Step. Creating a workflow software that fits various customers is challenging. That’s why implementing a RIS is far more complicated than implementing [...]

Worklist Manager Downloads

A  DICOM Modality Worklist SCP (server), designed as an Open Architecture software. Worklist Manager Distribution Package for Win32» Worklist Manager Distribution Package for X64» Before installing the server, please install Microsoft’s VS runtime libraries Installation Manual Contact us for pricing


A highly optimized, powerful, and scaleable DICOM Server for various purposes. DSRSVC 32bit version» DSRSVC 64bit version» DSRSVC User’s Manual» DSRSVC White Paper» Before installing the server, please install Microsoft’s VS runtime libraries 2013» Contact us for pricing


Offering all the capabilities of modern Imaging Modality, with built-in, validated, and documented DICOM Implementation. MODALIZER Binary Evaluation download Download MODALIZER EXAP Source Code Download DICOM Conformance Statement» Download White Paper» Contact us for pricing