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Our Modality Worklist is now part of HL7Kit 2018. For additional information please visit HL7Kit 2018 website. The DICOM Modality Worklist Service is a fundamental part of the clinical imaging workflow. Modern Imaging Modalities integrate with the department scheduler [...]

  • Convert Video to DICOM with HRZ DICOMIZER


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Support for MPEG2 and MPEG4 video is quite new in DICOM. Video encoding was introduced to the DICOM standard using new transfer syntaxes. It is important to note that not all DICOM compliant application support these [...]

  • Convert PDF to DICOM with HRZ DICOMIZER


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PDF (Portable Document Format) is widely used for various purposes in the clinical workflow. The DICOM Standard defines a special SOP Class called “Encapsulated PDF Document” (SOP Class UID: 1.2.840.10008. It is important to note [...]

  • HRZ DIHOFA - Dicom Hot Folder Application

DIHOFA – DICOM Hot Folder Application

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What is DIHOFA? DIHOFA Comes in handy when you receive DICOM files from different sources, like CD’s or using non-DICOM transport means, and want to import them to your PACS using the DICOM Storage [...]

Our Customers

Andre te Hennepe Inter Visual Systems
Our main goal was to make our archiving solution fit for use in medical environments, by adding medical features (HL7 and DICOM integration). The result is a complete medical video and photo recording solution that exactly fits our customers’ needs.   Thanks to the background processing in our system, the connection with other hospital IT systems does not affect the end-users workflow.  While processing, the system remains fully operable without any delays. With HL7Kit Pro, including the DICOM service feature and RZDCX,  we created DICOM worklist services, and converted video to DICOM. We have fully integrated the applications into iMAS, the Inter Medical Archive System, that is based on Metus MAM software, MS-SQL and MS-Visual Studio. Inter Visual Systems Logo
André te HennepeProject ConsultantInter Visual Systems