Being able to troubleshoot and resolve issues on-site is crucial for your technical staff.

H.R.Z.’s holistic approach ensures your success by providing a combination of great products, professional services, timely support and quality education.

Your software engineers and QA team have learned a lot while developing and testing your product, but what about your field engineers? Are they ready to connect your new system to the hospital network? Healthcare IT experts, PACS Administrators, and other key role players have their own Jargon. They’ll recognize a newbie like a snap.

In H.R.Z. we’ve learned that providing great tools, consulting and support during the development phase is only the beginning. The game truly begins when your product enters the field. That’s why we’re offering educational sessions and hands-on classes for your tech support and field engineers.

Our experience in Medical Imaging, Healthcare IT, DICOM, and HL7 standards allows us to train companies’ technical staffs, sales personnel, and developers, leading them to success.

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