RZDCX Activation Process

Licenses purchased online are by default hardware bounded. This means that in order to activate the software and remove the evaluation mode limitation (100 commands per run) you should receive a license key file.

Medical Device Vendors with expected business of minimum 100 units per year may be eligible for a universal license key to avoid the activation process as part of our DevPack support plan. Please contact us for more details.

To activate the toolkit:

Online Activation – Click here
Manual Activation:

  1. Build your software that uses the toolkit or download and install the server.
  2. Run the software (either yours or any software that use the toolkit or the server).
  3. A file named licenserequest.txt holding your computer hardware identification (MAC Address and HD number) will be created in the folder where the toolkit (RZDCX.DLL) or theserver (DicomServer.exe) is stored.
  4. Send the file by email to sales@roniza.com
  5. We will send you back a license key for your computer.
  6. Save the license key in the same folder with the toolkit.