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Worklist Manager is a DICOM® Modality Worklist SCP (server), designed as an Open Architecture software.

Use Worklist Manager to connect your Imaging Modalities to your existing information system. Built on top H.R.Z’s DSRSVC robust DICOM Server, this time-saving software allows you to quickly and cost effectively deploy a scheduled workflow solution.

Why work with Worklist Manager?

A structured, smooth, and fully-monitored workflow, has great importance in any organization, let alone in a medical Imaging Center. Digitization is crucial when it comes to storing and managing patients’ data. Integrating Worklist Manager eliminates the use of paper transfer between the reception and doctors, making the clinic work far more efficient.

H.R.Z. Worklist Manager Diagram

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H.R.Z.’s Worklist Manager offered us the flexibility to connect our product to the hospital’s EMR system, and to truly integrate our Medical Archive System in the hospital’s IT infrastructure.


FREE DICOM Modality Worklist Evaluation

Do you need Worklist Manager?

Do you have an imaging center that needs to connect imaging modalities to the receptionist? Are you an Integrator? or maybe a developer who has an information system without a Modality Worklist? If you answered ‘yes!’ to one of these, keep reading.

Product Info and Features

Create, filter and manage appointments in the Worklist Manager GUI application, and the doctor or imaging technician will be able to find it in their workstation.
When you connect Modalities to information systems, you eliminate typos and inefficient clinic work. With Worklist Manager the connection is fast and easy.
Work with different vendors. With Worklist Manager, the data attributes of the worklist query, as well as the result, can be easily modified, simply by adding elements to the MW views that the query is built on. No changes in the server’s code required! Private tags, sequences, anything can be added both as matching and as result attributes.
Open as many associations your hardware can carry, Worklist Manager will handle it. We do not charge by the user. Very large departments can work on many devices simultaneously.
WM require very little system resources, so you can install it on any virtual machine and various simple hardware. It will not slow down even the simplest PC.
You don’t have to be a programmer to install and to use Worklist Manager. It’s easy, it’s lightweight, and once you’ve installed it, you’re one click away from start using it like you use any other software installed on your computer.
Take the data directly from your existing database – no need to duplicate or to change anything in your system’s database – just change map WM views to read the data from your existing scheduling tables
‘MPPS Create’ and ‘MPPS Set’ requests are registered in the database, and displaying the worklist items’ status: IN PROGRESS, COMPLETED and DISCONTINUED. This allows you to regain full control over the clinic workflow, as you monitor the process from start to finish.

System Requirements

Free DICOM Modality Worklist Evaluation

Download an evaluation package to start working with Worklist Manager. The evaluation licence allows you up to 100 commands.

Product Documentation


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