HL7Kit 2018 is an interface engine and interface design tool for HL7® messaging. It’s a cost-effective off-the-shelf medical software, so with quick configuration, it’s ready to be integrated in your product. With dynamic message structure definitions, HL7Kit 2018 deals with the many HL7® standard’s difficulties without breaking a sweat. Try the free HL7® Sender Evaluation» The HL7 standard is very diverse, and in most integrations, it requires adaptation. HL7Kit 2018’s versatility makes it a great solution for HL7® messaging integration without months of custom development, or hiring an in-house developer to program different settings for each message structure. Because it’s so compatible, easy to implement and stable, HL7Kit 2018’s customers have been using it for years in their products, with no need of further developing from our side. However, we provide support during the implementation, and consulting by demand after it. Check out some of our customers testimonials.

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Our hospital is one of the small hospitals in our country, but with limited IT resources we got a system up and running which is ahead of most of the hospitals, if not all.
Jeroen Verbruggen, Royal Victoria Eye and Ear Hospital


Product Info and Features
More Features
HL7 protocol versions are dynamic. Easily modify and test site-specific HL7 message structures and variants.
Messages received via TCP/IP are automatically processed by the HL7 Service that operates in the background and populate your application database
Define a Number of retries and retry frequency for outgoing messages that failed to send due to network problems.
Save HL7 message as XML using HL7 Sender. Convert incoming HL7 messages to XML/ V2.XML and pass it to another application using HL7 Receiver
Send HL7 Query messages (QRY^*** event types) and process query results.
HL7Kit can send and receive messages via TCP/IP network or from/to pre-defined folders.
One HL7 backend service can use different HL7 protocol for different HL7 application. For example it can talk to one application messages using version 2.2 and to another using version 2.3
Logging events at the message level, optionally with the complete message content. Set your own event triggers in the system event viewer to monitor critical events using email or text messages.
System Requirements
Free HL7 Sender Evaluation
HL7Kit 2018 Video Tutorials

HL7Kit 2018: Introduction and Installation

HL7Kip 2016: Using the HL7 Sender application for editing and sending HL7 messages.

HL7Kit 2018: Using the HL7 Sender and HL7 Receiver applications, Converting HL7 to XML and processing HL7 message data

HL7Kit 2018: Using the GUI Message rules mapping definitions tool to create our mapping from the HL7 message structure to the SQL Server database tables.

HL7Kit 2018: Finishing the project and running the mapping rules on the HL7 Runtime service. Processing incoming HL7 patient registration messages and storing the data in a Database.

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