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DSRSVC is a highly optimized, powerful, and scaleable DICOM® Server.

The server’s binary core is shielded behind a simple yet sophisticated plugin API that isolates the lean and mean DICOM networking engine from the business logic encapsulated by the plugin. This design makes DSRSVC a great DICOM networking engine for various purposes.

Following a careful development process, DSRSVC open architecture design proved itself over and over again as a robust and versatile solution, that can be used in various forms in many successful products.
Our customers use DSRSVC to quickly design and deploy very large DICOM projects. It can operate as a small footprint DICOM router for image sharing projects, as well as a DICOM hub and as a data center Image Archive serving hundreds of remote clients.

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Greg Edmund Center for Vein
Center for Vein is currently receiving images from 50 clinics in 9 states and adding 15 every year, so we needed a solution to improve our workflow and make it more efficient. DSRSVC Robust DICOM Server’s flexibility allowed us to build a customized and paperless workflow, cutting the documentation process time from half an hour to 5 minutes. All of our sites are connected through a VPN to our main data center without the need of a local storage server in each site. We have extended the system several times in order to take advantage of the private elements of the GE system and to create a JPG image so when passing the data for review it is much lighter on the bandwidth. For several years I have puzzled over how to make our ultrasound more efficient, but only with H.R.Z.’s DICOM Server it was finally possible.
Greg EdmundVP of MISCenter for VeinUSA

DSRSVC DICOM Server Solutions

The DICOM DB Plugin

The DICOM Database Plugin (DicomDBPlugin) dynamically connects the DICOM network commands and datasets to a relational database engine thus transforming DSRSVC into a highly scaleable PACS implementation. Stored files are automatically cataloged and their content is instantly available for DICOM Query/Retrieve commands.

The database structure is open for modifications and using our unique dynamic query mapping mechanism any DICOM tag can be mapped for query matching simply by adding it the database views that the plugin uses. Simple as that! 

Supported Database Engines

System Requirements

DSRSVC requires minimum system resources and can be used on embedded appliances

FREE DICOM Server Evaluation


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