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HL7Kit Pro HL7 Integration Engine

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DICOM Viewer

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Custom Software Development

Great Products!

We improve our products continuously, adding new features and options. Adding DICOM and HL7 to your products is just few steps away. We will save you time and money. Let us take care about Healthcare IT so you can have more time to develop your IP.


DICOMIZER converts images to DICOM. DICOMIZER reach set of features transforms any PC or laptop into visible light imaging modality or patient encounter.
:-) Capture images
:-) Scan documents
:-) Create reports (DICOM SR)
:-) Query Worklist
:-) Send to PACS
:-) Create DICOM CD

HL7Kit Pro - WYSIWYG HL7 Integration Engine

HL7Kit Pro is an HL7 interface engine for HL7 messaging:
:-) Quick and simple installation
:-) Intuitive Drag & Drop configuration
:-) No scripting, no programming
:-) Outstanding value for money
:-) Online demo projects to start from
:-) Video tutorials

Custom Software Development

After 15 years of software design and development and more than a decade of medical imaging application development, we probably have a very good solution that fits your requirements.

DICOM Consulting

We've written dozens of DICOM Conformance Statements, accompanied so many medical imaging software projects from the very beginning to the successful deployment and helped our customers to better understand the environment they are operating in and find a solution that fits them best.

DICOM and HL7 Training

Preparing their technical staff for a national scale PACS system, at Clalit Biomedical Engineering. Three different DICOM courses are currently in progress. The courses are targeted at three levels: Level A for first line technical staff, Level B for second line technical staff and Level C for sales staff. The course materials are from OTech. (published June 10th 2007).

RZDCX - Fast Strike DICOM Toolkit

We've encapsulated all our DICOM expertise into this toolkit so you can benefit from it
:-) Easy to use
:-) Simple to integrate
:-) Compatible with any PACS
:-) Full source code detailed examples
:-) Online documentation
:-) No development license cost Visit our technical zones for quick access to software updates, downloads, documentation and technical blog.